Tactic Text

Welcome to the TacticText documentation, a place of wonder and enjoyment. This is the documentation for Tactic. If you want to access tactic itself, then you should go to https://tactic.northwestern.edu

New to Tactic?

You might want to start with Getting Started. This will tell you, among other things, how to get a user account.

You will be using the Library Interface to manage your various resources such as data collections and saved projects. This is where you can upload your own data.

Most of the work you’ll do, analyzing data, is done in the brilliantly-named Main interface. There is also a special version of the Main Interface that functions much like a Python Notebook. It’s described in Logs and Notebooks.

You’ll quickly find that you want to make your own tiles. The Tile Creator is a scaffolded interface for building tiles. The Module Viewer is the tile-building tool for more advanced python programmers. Admission: I always use the Tile Creator.

When writing your own tiles, you’ll need ot make use of the special commands that Tactic makes available for you. These are documented in Tile Commands. To understand more of the nuts and bolts of how tiles are constructed you can study the section of this documentation on Tile Structure.

You can read about some examples of how Tactic can be used here: https://repository.isls.org/handle/1/890.

Tactic makes use of a large number of excellent open-source resources.